I am also submissive and a slave to my Wife and Mistress. I am working at one of my company's satellite offices out of town but only a day trip away so I will be home tonight. I have had meetings this morning and just got out of one a bit ago. As directed I am wearing panties, pantyhose and my chastity cage which I am very accustomed to wearing and think nothing of it. My Wife is toying with me today via email. She is sending me suggestive pictures of what She plans on doing to me this evening when I get back. She has laid out my maid's uniform next to a new shoe box along with my collar, wrist and ankle restraints and her favorite toys. Needless to say I am as excited as I can get caged and unfortunately leaking a bit more than normal which is what my Wife wanted. I didn't bring a pad or panty shield with me so my tan Dockers are a bit damp and if I don't wear my jacket the spot can be seen. I have one more meeting to go to this afternoon and I just looked and replied to Her last email regarding the position in which She will have me pleasure Her and what She wants to do with me after that. She has even hinted that tonight might be the night Her lesbian friend comes by and She put 6 smileys after the exclamation point at the end. I am required to take a phone picture of my crotch and send it to Her right before I go into the meeting in about 10 minutes from now.

After the meeting I will drive back home and stop on the way to collect three bottles of white whine, which means Her friend is already there. I am embarrassed and excited even more. I hope I can survive the meeting. I'll let you all know how it goes later too.
submissively Yours in high heels
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You lucky devil xxx

How was your evening? Did she let you out? Did she tease your sissy ****?