I so enjoy wearing my corset, thong, and stockings, underneath my little black dress, and my ankle strap high heels.
I would love to have my toe nails painted, but that will be later.

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I am right now wearing all the things you mentioned plus a long silky slip and a wig and lipstick and rouge and my toenails are painted and instead of a corset I am wearing a garter belt and I am really enjoying being dressed like this.

Very good selection of lingerie. You'll love having your nails done.

I all ready do love them painted, especially when in stockings and high heels.

Definitely a sexy look to have bright colors peeking underneath your nylons.


I have my toenails painted a bright pinkish red and they show real nice through my stockings with strappy heels

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I crossdress also... i wear shiny outfits ;) How did it all start with you?

It started with me wearing panties, just plain unisex type underwear. My mistress decided that I should wear much more feminine panties.

What kind of panties?

I wear string bikinis all the time, and sometimes thongs.

Try hotpants or french knickers ;)

I prefer lace cheekies.

Nice! What about pvc rubber or latex?

No, I prefer to wear lace and nylon.


I love my satin chemises !

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