Hi I'm Brenda.

I'm not even sure when it started. I had 3 sisters growing up who didn't mind what they wore in front of their little brother. I was alot younger that them, so to run around in bras, panties, night gowns, etc. was no big deal to them. I remember wondering what those cloths felt like. So I guess I took it upon myself to find out. I would sneak into the laundry room to see what I could find. Bras and panties everywhere! I remember the nighties feeling the softest. Today they're still my favorite.

That was a long time ago and I don't really remember a time since then when I didn't dress. I do recall that it was, for the most part, the same each time. The thrill of feeling those pretty cloths on my body. Those soft, silky, feeling garments. It was purely physical in nature. Then recently, something changed. One day it all came crashing down. One day while dressed, I gave my obsession a name. Meet Brenda.

I'm not sure what it is, but now that I've given my fem side a name (it popped into  my head one day), she has become a stronger force in my life. The (ahem) physical attraction I had to cross dressing has become more... well, mental. It's become a bigger part of my life. SHE's a bigger part of my life. Is it wrong to feel like I'm now sharing this body with Brenda? Or, perhaps, I've ALWAYS been sharing it? Sometimes, I'm not sure where I end and she begins. I am sure, however, that it is the most free I've felt in a long time. I like Brenda. I hope you do too.

Hi, I'm Brenda.

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Thanks for sharing. Wonderful story. Be yourself.

Thank you for sharing, Brenda. I don't know who I take after but I have always loved the name Genevieve. I created my name from it. Brenda, this is who you are. Enjoy it and don't feel ashamed.<br />
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Glad to meet you Brenda. When I dress up I take on the persona Barbie. I emulate an old gf when I am dressed and she was as cute as a Barbie doll. That is why I call myself Barbie, I look kind of look like a real life Barbie doll just like my old gf.