How to Get Kicks

I am a secret crossdresser who loves to wear my wife's sexiest outfits but although I've joked with her about dressing up, from her reaction i know she would not approve in reality. So everytime I am alone in the house, on go the panties, stockings, silky lingerie, dresses, high heeled shoes and occasionally a bit of lipstick. Not convincing but a great feeling.

I have on a couple of occasions walked the streets while dressed which was an exciting experience. I also once, in the days before digital cameras, took a roll of film of me dressed in many outfits, from see through panties only to silky lingerie to full outfits. I took it to be developed and when I went to collect the package was open (which it never normally was) and I was asked to check they were mine. So i can be pretty sure I've been seen.

But frustration is setting in that i cannot share this more so any advice on how to get kicks from this love of cross dressing gratefully received.



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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Here's an idea - dress up like a woman for Halloween and see how your wife reacts.

wow i try hard to make bets with people that if i lose i have to dress up but ive never gone through with it.

It took my wife awhile before she accepted my dressing. are there any CD groups where you live? There are more CDs out there and I'm sure they feel the same way you do.<br />
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My wife doesn't approve of me dressing up either. I do it privately and always ********** when I dress. Never had taken pics of myself but what I see in the mirror makes me so excited that I shoot my load in my panties and lick them clean.