Zentai Lycra Suit

I love being a crossdresser. Yesterday I wore the entai suit with attached feet,gloves and hood. Over the hood I put on alatex female mask with a blonde wig.

Thigh boots and a belt finished the outside. Underneath I had a latex vagina in place giving a very girly line in the crotch area. My black lacy bra was filled with silicone boobs with proud nipples showing through.

I sent some pics to a friend and did a webcam video Loved showing myself off  

Carolaus Carolaus
51-55, T
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Hi Carolaus. I'm a crossdresser too. I love every minute of dressing in woen's clothing. I wear skirts and camisoles around the house all the time. I no longer wear male underwear. Satin and silk panties for me. I have been out in public many, many times.