Caught By My Mom

I remeber when the day I got caught by my mom.  I was about 15 yrs. old.  My mom was on her way to work and I said that I was sick so I could stay home.  She bought it and left for work.  FYI my mom always wore hose and skirts or suits to work, as her job required it.  She left wearing black pantyhose black slacks high heels white blouse and black jacket.  Anyways after she left I jumped up and went into the bathroom and showered up.  After that I went into my mom's room and pulled out some biege colored pantyhose and a white bra put them on.  Then put on a white blouse and white slip.  Then grabbed a black knee length skirt and black jacket that went with the skirt.  Then put on some of my mom's high heels about 3in high.  Went into my mom's bathroom and put some foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, ect. on.  Didn't look like no beauty queen but, was no sea donky either.  Then I went down stairs and was watching some of the morning game shows with the lady's on them wearing hose.  God miss those days.  Sitting on the couch carressing and rubbing my legs.  I got up and went into the kitchen to get some water.  Loved hearing my heels on the hard wood floor and hearing my hosed legs rubbing together.  When all of a sudden I heard the front door open.  I was completly freaked out since I had no wear to go.  I heard my mom go upstairs.  And then come down stairs.  I heard her heels on the floor comming towards the kitchen.  Then there it was me dressed up in her clothes.  She didn't say anything just stood there.  Then she turned around and left.  After I heard her leave I went up stairs and into her room and took everything off and washed my make up and stayed in my room freaked out that she caught me.  Not know what she was going to do.  Well when 5 o'clock came I heard my mom come in and come upstairs and into her room.  Then there was a knock at the door.  My mom asked if she could come in.  I said yeah.  She opened the door and said can u come to my room for a minute.  As I went with her to her room.  There were some pantyhose, bra's, slips, skirts, blouses and some silky tops and heels on the bed.  She said here these are for u to wear.  She told me she was freaked out by me in her clothes by she calmed down at work and she told me that she remebered seeing a episode on the donahue show about crossdressing and the affects it had on the family's and the ones that were cding.  And she noticed that the ones who had the support were still part of the family.  As the ones who didn't have the support were still apart of the family but had to hide there cding and ended up with alot of worthless counciling that the family would assume would fix everything..  Instead of trying to understand it.  She also had some make up for me in a make up bag.  She told me that I could keep my things in a suit case that she had on the bed.  She put the clothes and make up in nice and neat.  And, said that I can keep the suit case in her room so none of my friends would find it when they came over and we were in our room.  As I was happy and pleased and a big relief lifted off my shoulders.  I turned around and was going to my room when my mom said son are u forgetting something and grabbed the suit case off her bed.  I grabbed it and took it into my room.  And that night I tried on the different outfits and hose.  Going to bed wearing some drk navy pantyhose and a drk navy nigh gown to bed.  The next morning my mom told me to change as we were going out of town to do some shopping and get me some more hose and some more fem things that the girls were wearing those days in school.  Was a good shopping day.

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That's so stinking hot. I'm so jealous

My Mom used to buy pantyhose for me, when I used to snow ski in the winter. She thought they would keep me warmer, which they did. I was in my teens then, and didn't need to shave my legs then.

Ur mom is so f**king nice

I wish I could wear em too everytime letting her know about it plzz add

My mom found a skirt under my bed I left there, she called me at work asking why it was there, I had no answer. When I came home she didn't say any more about it but I knew she knew, that was when I was 16

You are so lucky

Thank you for writing this!!! Your mom is amazing!

Fantastic !

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. My Mom had a similar reaction. She knew my size and bought identical clothes to what I had borrowed but in my size. She put the clothes between my mattresses and didn't say anything. When I found the packages, I put them back. My Mom put them in my dresser along with a note.

u relly luck dr..

O.m.g. how luckier a girl is :-)... my being caught turned into a nightmare.. so called cure ... lol.. how can they cure a person, whenthere isn't anie thing the matter,,, cept,,, wrong bodie syndrome? They tried to CURE the Wrong Part ... thank you for sharing girl :-) Chelle

Wow, I am so happy for you that your mother is so supportive to you.<br />
My mother is supportive to me as well.<br />
Enjoy every second.

You are ftunate to have had such wonderful support! MY family not only refused to acknowledge my closeted crossdressing; they shut me out completely after I transitioned to full time over 16 yers ago!

That's horrible Hon, sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully you are getting along fine without them.

Thank you Hun; Oh I have been fine; great job/career, my own home.....just lacking a partner.

Fortunate and lucky is not the word for you Hon! Wow!!

Thank you .... would luv to have u be my brother then we both could have dressed 2gether

Yeah i was a lucky cd very lucky, an i m appreciative of them totally. And yes my mom was very understanding but, not right away like i said she had to cool off a bit. That is why she just turned around and left and didn't say anything.

omg i love cross dressing but i hate having close calls from my mom or dad almost seeing me in my step sister's dress or my moms bras.

I must admit you have to be the luckiest cd I know I totally wish my mom was like yours

make sure u look after that family of yours they are as special as u

wow im glad i have a somewhat understanding parent, that being my dad hes really cool about it but i dont do it in the open around my family. it still feels a bit off telling some of them soon though i hope i can get it out in the open right now my dad is the only one who accepts.

yeah like I wrote before i am very lucky and very fortunate. I am very blessed i can say that much.

Greetings silkie:<br />
<br />
you were so very lucky to have a understanding Mom.<br />
I only wish more moms were that understanding and helpful.<br />
<br />
Marcie L

I'm happy for you. You deserve to feel pretty and enjoy how you feel inside.

Yes kenny I still dress openly to an extent. No not really penny. My sis is the one who helped me with my make up and clothes. But after a bit I just started to figure out what looked good on me and what I liked to wear.

I wish my mom was that understanding instead she just gets mad and says I need major help. Im not gay I just like to get dressed up. I really wish I had a mom who would take me shopping an give me some of her clothes!!! Wish I were You! LoL

I wish my mom was that understanding instead she just gets mad and says I need major help. Im not gay I just like to get dressed up. I really wish I had a mom who would take me shopping an give me some of her clothes!!! Wish I were You! LoL

I wish my mom was that understanding instead she just gets mad and says I need major help. Im not gay I just like to get dressed up. I really wish I had a mom who would take me shopping an give me some of her clothes!!! Wish I were You! LoL

Congratulations to your mom. Iwish my wife was the same...

Yes my sis is still supportive and yeah I am very lucky to have a mom like that very lucky.

Your mom is the greatest!!!!

What a kewl mom !!!! Is your sister still supportive ?

Thank you geene. She really is my biggest supporter next to my aunt.

Thank you for sharing, Silkie. Your mom is awesome!<br />
<br />

That is awesome! Kudos to your mom for being understanding