My Sister Dressed Me...but Not Until After I Found The Delights Of My Mum's Panties!

When I was about 3/4 I was in my parent's bedroom when I found abag of my mum's silky panties under the bed. Not knowing why or that it was wrong, I started to try them on and found that I loved this very much..I still remember the delight of the feel and look of a pair of silky flowery panties on my body.


Some years later whilst playing in the house with my Sisters one of them suggested that I wear one of her dresses and after putting it on along with some of her panties and long white socks we raced around the house - our parents were out at the time. It felt fantastic and my penis stiffened though at that time I did not understand why.

From then on I encouraged my Sister to dress me and we had afew years of me dressing in her dresses, skirts, panties, socks, tops and tights and shoes etc. It was fantastic fun.

A little while later I started to dress on my own in secret - stealing my mum's and Sister's clothes and as I became older it got more sexual for me. I also started to go for walks dressed and this continued for many years.

I have always told my partners - with different levels of reaction - and currently dress openly with my wife. 

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Myotherlives - I agree - i don't think of it as wrong now - though I spent a lot of time hating myself for having the need to do it.

Welcome to the world of crossdressing. I started with panties and now I dress all the time.<br />
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