Shopping While Dressed With Him

My elderly friend took me out shopping for the first time yesterday at a large mall. I let him choose my outfit  & it was decided to be not "to" daring but sexy.  Underneath I wore a braless body-shaper with thong back, zipper at the front....really nice & tight.......... it felt good as it kept my discreet butt plug firmly in place!    He wanted me to wear my super tight latex look black shiny leggings which feel like a second skin.....he loves the feel of my bottom when i wear these! Also, a nice silk top......waist length leather jacket & my black leather 5" spike heel platform knee boots.

He recently bought me a long curly style dark brown wig that i wore & of course make up & nails were done. I felt real hot &  turned on when i looked at the result in a full length mirror......he couldnt keep his hands away from me, lol!

The mall was real busy & as we shopped i noticed i was getting a lot of glances from the guys who were shopping....some with their wives. It felt fantastic! I guessedt that maybe people thought he was my father, but i was feeling quite daring & liberated by now & as we strolled along one shopping alleyway i got him to gently stoke my tight bottom as we passed some people heading the same way as us......they must have known he was a sugar daddy now! When a group of young guys started walking towards us he placed his arm around my waist & as they passed by us (i could see they were staring from the corner of my eye) he stroked & caressed my botom again. I heard the muffled remarks as they walked away & heard one say "Lucky old sod!!. This felt really empowering & hot & my butt plug seemed to go deeper into my bottom as i walked in my high heeled boots, very satisfying.


I was so turned on we rushed back to his house & he stroked then kissed every inch of my legs & bottom.... he gave me a long & satisfying ******* as i sucked him felt sooo wicked! Next time he wants me to wear a real short miniskirt or real short hotpants. I cant wait!!

michellecd michellecd
3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I guess you got your wish!! Good job girl.

very hot expireince

I love the feling when a man puts his hand on my ***