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Secret, Early And Young Crossdresser

Hi, I really started Crossdressing, and totally, LOVING it, when i WAS 5.

YES I KNOW 5 IS QUITE YOUNG. I don't know Why I wanted to dress in pretty Girl clothes-but I Knew I DID!

I remember going into my Moms Dresser Drawer and finding a white, half slip with alot of lace about the hem, I was 5----------------------she caught me, just smiled and went away.

I would ALWAYS, sneak into her dresser and try on her clothes. She had the most Lovely Pale Blue Full Slip, with 5 tiers of ruffles up from the hen and a cute lacy ruffled bodice.

When I was 8, I knew how to attach stockings to the garters oif the Girdle I was wearing

Also wore her Zip Front, open bottom body shaper. It was just so cute. Satin, V front and cute satin butt. Six garters, and of course lovely lace on the top holding my BRA.

Gotta say, when I was 11, I went into a Major Store going to the Lingerie Department and bought a pretty pink garter panty. A Lady helped me, she knew because I did asked for a garterpanty, lacy, in pale Blue.




carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 6 Responses Feb 24, 2010

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For an 11yo tobuy on your own took some real brass ones. My hat(pillbox w/ veil) is off to ya!

As usual, Andie has hit the nail on the head! Angie

You are amongst very well meaning people on here in the cross-dress community. Most only want to help and further the enjoyment for everyone. That is so evident on the replies to this post. <br />
Love<br />

No offence! I don't think there is an understanding, any more than we could describe an understanding of why we are male. I see you, you look male, I pop you in that box and shake hands instead of hugging. You feel comfortable because you are all male, that's what men do and you feel treated correctly.<br />
<br />
It's just the same for me. I pull a skirt on, sort out hair and makeup, pick up my handbag instead of my man-bag, step into my heels and go out. I see myself, I look female, and it's the right box as far as I feel, so I am comfortable. Everything just feels correct and in its place. So I don't feel like a bloke in a skirt, hiding in disguise, I feel put right. It isn't an impersonation, it's myself. It's of some interest that I don't pull on the female jeans and teeshirt and step into trainers (pink or otherwise), because that wouldn't differentiate me enough. Pretty feels like a kindness to myself, like I care. But otherwise it's just very normal. It's not a thrill, it's a belonging. It's a running towards, not a running away.<br />
<br />
To some it is a thrill - there has to be some danger - and I think "forced feminization" is a clue to their being unable to decide to go against convention unless made to - ultra-permission if you like. Some seek a feeling of humiliation, and want to need to feel they are doing something naughty. I think both may be caused by learning early that "boys don't do that, so stop it".<br />
<br />
Look out the stories on "Crossdressers are born not made" for how deep the self-awareness goes. I don't think it is a learned psychology, or a habituation, Rather it is a powerful sense of innate identity. So it's only compulsive in the sense that constant denial of this identity is more stressful than owning it despite the difficulties of being "different". That's why so many CDs say they are so calm and at peace with themselves when dressed en femme.<br />
<br />
I don't mind the questions. Cross-dressing is a seriously misunderstood statement of self-hood, and society needs to realise that it is discriminating, through prejudice and distrust, a creative and valuable section of the population. We're very normal, not perverts, deviants and predatory! In fact for many of us sex isn't "the thing" at all. It's just that your sexuality is at its most fulfilling when you are most comfortable with yourself.<br />
<br />
If you prefer to message me questions, that's fine too. I'll do my best. But some of my stories may help answer some anyway.<br />
<br />

Yankeebob: Read some of my stories too. It's not about taboo for most of us cross-dressers, nor about getting a thrill, and it certaily isn't an addiction, though the feelings are so deep they are compulsive. It's more about a sense of personal identity, in which being feminine and pretty is innately more appropriate to us than being male. We feel more complete and whole and our true selves expressing our female aspects.

Yes, buying ladies clothes really does give me an emotional high, it makes me feel very FEMINMINE and vulnerable. I enjoy looking at the various skirts and dresses, looking for lace and ruffles as well as the Little Black Dress.<br />
I shop in my male mode, BUT always wear pretty, FEMININE clothes underneath ie: Padded hip and butt panties, Girdle,Bra, Stockings and a little lip gloss and mascarra.