Serious Crossdressing

I have been crossdressing for some 8 years.  I have developed to the point that no one even notices that I am not girl.  My voice, my walk are totally feminine and I have only a few select friends that know I am really of  male gender.  I work for a female CPA who knows that I am of true male gender but likes  me as her secretary  and allows me to dress the part all the time at work.  Since I am so devoted to crossdressing I am very submissive and my SO disciplines me with over her knee spankings along with corner time.  My boss at work also nows that I am spanked at home and uses the same  methods on me at work.  Robbie

robbiemaid robbiemaid
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Oh honey!! You are actually living one of my fondest fantasies!!

Geemahon, Of course I wear heels and hose to work. Matter of fact I have to started getting ready for work now. White blouse and black pleated skirt, white thigh highs with 4" black heels. Have a nice day. Robbie