My New Bikini

Lady just came home from Her daily shopping trip.  “I have a present for you,” She announced, “get the box from the car.”  It was a small box, but Lady does not carry anything from the garage up the stairs to the house.  The box was not gift wrapped, but it was taped closed.  From experience, i know that these gifts are usually addition to my sissy wardrobe.  “Oooh how nice”, i cooed as i looked at a tiny little bikini in a bright floral print.

Last week, i was allowed to go on one of Lady’s shopping trips and She must have seen me touching this suit.  It was about the smallest bikini i had ever seen.  Two tiny triangles of the colorful fabric held together by skinny strings made up the top.  The bottom was not too much more fabric; a small wedge of fabric in front with a Rio style backside.  The back was more than a thong, but far less than even a high cut bikini.  When i admired the suit i mentally could see my tiny little boy stick tucked between my legs creating a nice flat look in front.  And i loved the Caribbean look to the printed fabric.

“Go try it on,” Lady urged.  i did not need to be told twice; i took off my bra and panties i was wearing and carefully put on the suit.  There was no reason to leave the room to change, Lady only allows me to dress and undress when She can see what i am doing.  Around the house i am always wearing panties and a DD bra.  i am not allowed to use any breastforms, the loose empty cups being a constant reminder i was not good enough to be a girl. The panties i was wearing were full cut with a pastel flower print.  Again, this is part of my standard daily attire.

i lifted my moobs to try and fill the top of the bikini and tightly tied the strings in back and around my neck.  i pulled the bottom between my legs and tied the side strings.  Of course i pushed my little stick back as far as i could.  i did a simple pirouette so Lady could see the suit on me. 

“Hmm, you look like a little girl.  But little girls have little nipples starting to bud.  Get the box.”  i know what She meant: the box was where we stored many of our toys.  Lady rummaged around a few minutes and then said, “these will be perfect – put them on.”  She handed me a pair of snake bite suction cups. i lifted the first triangle, licked the yellow cup, gave it a squeeze and then pressed it against my hairless chest.  i could feel my little nipple being pulled into the vacuum.  i repeated the steps for the second side.  Looking down, it did look like i had “headlights” beaming thought the fabric of “my” bikini.  i smiled as i imagined how i would look when i could see myself in the mirror.  Lady gave the two cups another squeeze, pulling more of my flesh into the suction chamber.  i knew from past experience, my nipple would be stretched about a half inch, but prolonged wearing of the cups would draw fluids though the Sebaceous glands around the areola.  “Go look at yourself.”  i ran to Her bedroom to see myself in the full length mirror.

WOW, did i look like a sissy!  my masculine figured wrapped in the tiny bikini was a sight to behold.  No wolf whistles would ever come my way.  i looked ridiculous.  But as a dedicated sissy, i knew this was my role in life.  i returned to the living room and thanked Lady over and over; i loved the suit.

“Look in the box, there’s more.” More?  i didn’t see anything else.  i removed the tissue paper that had been wrapped around the bikini and there it was.  i was shocked; fear shot through my being.  There in the bottom of the box was a membership card for Tanfastic and an appointment card for twice a weeks sessions.  i knew better than to object, but surely Lady did not want to get tan lines wearing this suit!

redlace redlace
61-65, M
Mar 10, 2010