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well, I don't quite cross dress yet (I'm male, if your wondering). I have always though about getting a bit of opposite clothing or what not which at the stores but chicken out every time. I just don't quite think that who i am right now is right. if that makes any sense.=D. I am just a bit afraid of what other people think if i, especially my friends and family.  I really don't want to get c*** from them. also how society sees cross dressers is bad and i wish it could change.
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you can start by getting tights theay will think you are getting them for your girl frend
this happened to me I was getting my first pair of 6" heals at a target store and the girl that worked there asked if I was getting some heals for my girlfriend. I was so nervice and sed yes
. I was 14 she told me that it was so nice that I was doing this for my girl. she even asked if she could walk in such tall heals ...I told her she could
as soon as I got home I was shaking I put on some tights a skirt and my new heals it was amazing and I mastered walking in them very fast .Tina

It's also difficult to live in a society where the cross dresser is always the butt of a joke. It's ridiculous how much I can relate to you. What I did was I told my mother. She didn't realize the full reality of the situation until she caught me in drag. We had a bit of a rough patch and a year later, we went to a therapist that we both knew well. We worked it out so that I could get a debit card and I use that to get my clothes delivered to my house. I still have sone moments where I wish I was the same as everyone else, but it's gotten better.

I know exactly how you feel and i know how to get you out of it... Start dressing! It really does turn that mountain into a mole hill. I remember the anger I felt during my "acceptance process" and I see where you're coming from. I'm not transgender btw, I dress because it turns me on and I feel crappy when I don't fulfill the urge. Don't accept random pp.'s friend requests btw.