Here Comes One Now................

 Watching Batman !   Whoa !

 Really though, just as men look at certain things of the female body, I look at men's crotches.  I try to see which side they "dress" on.

 Drives Jim nuts when I announce it to him !   ha ha ha !

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45 Responses Sep 5, 2009

I always thought that if a guy had a bulge he had been playing pocket pool or else his shorts were itching:>

I told a guy he had a rip in his crotch; he's been a not-so- secret admirer ever since and that was years ago. ha ha ha

And what if there's no bulge but just a rip in the seam of the crotch.<br />
You're Nuts. ha ha ha

Ohhhhhhhh.....that. I thought you meant what side the zipper was on. Geez, I've never even checked my<br />
Well, now I'm sure to be obsessed with checking out all male crotches now. I'm probably going to get arrested. Thanks a lot.<br />
; )

I saw the title of this group and I had to know what was going on in here. But now I feel really stupid. I have a question. What does that mean "which side they dress on"? I'm going to be really embarrassed I didn't figure this out aren't I?

69 and its nap time woohoo

how about 68 and you ow me one


Is frogs *** water tight? HMMMM. Shrooms ?

I think that you have your limit on the mushrooms already.

ooooo mushroom lemon jello with horseradish topping

Care bears ? No furbies some guy told me about mythical furbies i am still trying to ***** his mental health and stop having nightmares

Nope sorry no dang Gerbils or furibiesssss

Gerbil then?

Listen RHR we dont need any mroe peckers .. LOL so leave the rooster alone

Raspberry flavored asphalt?





Ok line them up i have a clip board, magnifying glass, tweezers, tape measure , needle ,thread, lima beans and duct tape , infrared laser mounted on a shark and a hammer ... LETS GO BOYS!!!!

the only way to find the true size it to take matters in your own hand.. then you will have it... and now you have to finish what you started....

Just a swinging ... Fishy ,fishy ... wait that bird likes fish too *runs away like a one legged duck swims*

Get someone to help dress me LOL......<br />
<br />
See we have the balls to stay and play... LOL.....<br />
Just watch that bear he is nakied...

How I use it? Well, I would say I use it fairly well. I can smell dinner very well, and I try to hold my nose when I drive past that one farm...<br />
<br />
RHR, where's that fish you promised?

Hummm the same ppl that said in a story several months ago that size doesnt matter its how you use it... LOL

UH. bIg paw, little nose. <br />
<br />
Wait, forget I said that.

going to cut my feet and thumbs off then what.....

I'm back. <br />
<br />
*looks around cautiously* <br />
<br />
SCW, I don't dress at all.

He is toying with us like always polar bear /bare drive bye

INDY WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!! I have a fishy for you

Camel toe and a bear lol

Can i look at your paw and measure your snout?

Oh My. This isn't the luv cameltoe group is it. I must have taken a wrong turn.<br />
<br />
*polar bare backs out slowly*

Mello is here now :)



*raises eyebrow* You don't know what you have done my mind is reeling

My grandma was a trip Mother i truly miss her .

Not because of what my grandma said either cause that wasn't entirely true and deeply saddened me lol


Hi my name is RHR i am a perv lol.... Ok and their hands

ROFLLMAO OMG !! Did you notice Tom Jones doesn't have a package and he is furry? EWWWWWWW

ditto! tee hee! =)

lol I can't deny I tend to do the same. But I look at breasts also... I dunno why, but a lot of gay men are breast obsessed lol