I'm a 55 year old single mom with a 26 year old son that lives at my house. My sons friend is a fitness trainer and he has trained me for a year. He's possibly the sexiest 28 year old guy alive. Of course I have slept with him numerous times but I didn't really want my son to find out. Today my son came home after my training session and walked in on us getting down and dirty on the couch. My son flipped out and yelled at us. I put on some yoga pants and a tank top and talked to him in the kitchen. I told him "I don't care that Ryan is your friend, we are both adults and can do what we want. I'm going to keep sleeping with him whenever I want because he's a great guy and an even better lover. And most importantly I do not feel bad about it." When I told my 22 year old daughter about it she said " you go girl." So clearly the girls are correct. Agree or disagree? Plus keep in mind that my son thinks I'm " too old for sex" and I'm "not allowed to wear yoga pants." And he also tried to make me deny a job as a lulu lemon model.
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time to put the foot down - your house - your life

Why have you not kicked your son out?


inbox me :)

Your son is embarrassed and probably feels very uncomfortable now. He will survive it and yes you are free to do what you want in your own home with another consenting adult, however, I think I would meet his friend elsewhere for any future romping. Good luck!

He's probably just shocked by the fact he walked in on you.

Damn! Hot experience lol

Hmm you sound like a handful. Maybe a a tornado might better describe you lol

Yeah, who's house is it, and do you REALLY need our justification?! Take authority woman!!!!!

That's honestly horrible, that's your sons friend, all his friends are gonna make fun of him because his friend is actually ******* his mom. And to rub it in his face that you don't feel bad about it? You really crossed the line of parenting