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I really LOVE to cuddle..would love to like in bed all day...ideally...husband is not AT ALL into cuddling...hugging EVER...i am finding myself gettin a tad bit resentful of him for this...he's interested in the "act" foreplay of any kind...and im nervous to bring this up to him..anytime i let him know about something i need...form him..he gets mad and walks away..him not wanting to cuddle...makes me feel
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

aww gee. You really need to change your situation as you will really start to hate
your situation. He seems insecure and it is lazy of him and stupid to treat you this way
He may change but it will be hard for you both until he does. Good luck :)

yeah i know how you feel my hubby loves sex but not cuddles he thinks there the same thing he says im clingy i feel more that he loves me if he holds me but he thinks im silly that i should know he loves me i feel so lonley somtimes im like a freak of nature i kove to hold and cuddle and show my love guess we'r a dying breed thease days