I just loooooooooove to cuddle....... I wish somebody existed that would just lie with me and cuddle me absolutely ALL day... every day... forever.... and ever.... and ever.... Amen (/Aameen) ;-) In a nice way of course though, like comforting, friendly...
Umorella Umorella
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i'm like a giant teddybear and i love to cuddle!!!!!!!!!!! plz be my cuddlebuddy!!!

I'll be your long-distance cuddlebuddy ;) :)

but i want to hug you from closeby i want to hear your breath i want to feel your hartbeat and hold you tight!!!

i love to cuddle, to hold someone special, hear them breathe, feel your bodies move together... nothing is like that!

I have yet to experience it..... :-(

awww i hope you do soon, it is wonderful feeling!

I'm sure it is.. :-) I definitely have experienced it years and years ago when I was young, but that seems like a lifetime away and I can't remember how I used to feel then....
Keep calm and keep cuddling! ;-)

*cuddles you*

Not anymore.. My sister/s used to (because I'm the youngest of 7 in my family, so I guess it's natural to want to cuddle the 'baby' of the family!), but things have been getting increasingly tough and depressing in my family for like a decade(!) and so no one is the same anymore.. Also, people in my family are not very physically affectionate anyway :-( And my mum became 'hard' over the years.. And I never spoke to my dad until recent times, and I find talking/interacting with him awkward.. And I've never been able to build proper relationships outside my family, so no cuddles there either! But I do cuddle myself :-) Sometimes it's not good enough though and you wish someone else was there!

Me too!! :-D

Or rather the question is, would I want any old jerkboy?... ;-) heehee
And really? Thanks for the very nice confidence-boosting remark! ;-D haha

I can tell! And your honesty is appreciated :-)

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I've been deprived of cuddles as well since... Uh, nothing...

Never been cuddled? :-(

Well... No, not really. Everyone kinda ignores me. My typical day. You know, those kinds of days.

Sorry to hear that :-( Why does everyone ignore you?

Are u independently wealthy? Someones got to work and bring home the bacon.

When you got cuddles, you don't need no bacon ;-)

Why do people like to cuddle ?

Because it's nice and comforting..... :-)

I guess


Oh really? ;-)