I love to cuddle! I want someone to cuddle with every single day and night:) how about you guys?
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Agree completely! :-)

I am a cuddle and I just don't ever want you to not be my friend

It is one of my favorite things in the world.

I lost to kiss and cuddle its so sexy when me or she starts to take control that's when I'm supper at giving you multiple *******

Never done it.

Yep. Cuddling is great

Cuddling bare skin with one hand on her chest/breast. Feeling her breathing and heart beat as she fall asleep as a baby!!! I just love that feeling.

Aw yeah

Me too :) I hope it will happen one day

guys prefer sex.

Sex with no cuddling seems kinda sad

cuddling is the best feeling ever!

Wanna cuddleme


Cuddling big spoon and little spoon

yah, me too...
we're a bunch of desperate romantics x)

Yeah XD

I love it when she sleeps on my chest and I caress her hair, you know, like in the first 5 minutes of Gone Girl *__* But since she's not with me anymore I'm still living that moment with my pillow. That's how desperate I am lol

cuddling rox

I'm definitely a cuddler. :-)

Same here :) but that ain't happening :(

I'm down for that with you