I want to cuddle right now. All the time. 24/7.
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Me too ?? where you from?

I do like to cuddle a lot. A while back when staying at a summer resort with a very good friend, a few years older than me and like a big brother, I had a nice surprise one night when going to bed on a warm night, wearing my new snug Speedo swim briefs, when he knocked on the bedroom door, asking to join me in bed and cuddle one another.Being he was such a close friend and fantasied being in the swimming pool or shower with him, I could not say no. He never saw me naked yet and this was a good opportunity for him. He entered the bed room , just in a wrap around towel and naked underneath then climbed into bed with me. Little did know he would soon have my new Speedo swim suit off and naked with him. We cuddled for a while complimenting each other how good our bodies looked as we were lying in bed, under covers facing one another. I was enjoying his massaging my upper bare torso, then patting my behind encased in in blue the tight blue Speedo swim briefs. Suddenly he quietly whispered to me "These have to come off now". I did blush and childishly pleaded not to take them off. We still cuddled facing one another. Now I felt his hands stretching the close fitting waistband of my tight swim briefs, then gently uncovered the draw strings and slowly untied them, as I began playfully resisting. He was tickling me so much, as I held him closer to me pleading some more to let me stay in my swim suit, Now his hands were stretching the tight Speedo waist band,then began tugging and pulling it down. I could feel the snug nylon slowly slipping below my waist, it was feeling so nice, despite my shyness and now sexually excited privates, snug and secure under my new swim suit. He then stopped a few minutes trying to get the swim suit off me and we continued cuddling again. He would reassure me that I'll like being naked and not to be so bashful or shy. Now he continued trying to get my Speedo off, as I kept pleading and playfully resisting him getting it down. I managed to look under the covers, seeing and feeling the tight swim pulled down below my waist, showing much of the white colored inside lining, still keeping my now full erection and behind, snug and secure. I kept my arms tightly wrapped around his muscular body , still feeling his warm hands working my tight Speedo down lower and closer to my lower torso and tightly covered erection and behind. He stopped again whispering "Swim suit off, off." then gave me some more warm cuddles, that felt so good, then began to unsnug the clinging swim suit, slowly peeling it away from my fully erect penis. then peeling the still clinging swim suit half way off my behind. I was almost naked now, he did n't look under the covers yet to see my now exposed full erection, but then moved the blanket off, turning me on my stomach and raising my childish kicking legs. He then gave more firm pulls, getting my suit off. Oh what a feeling, , the tightly clinging leg bands slipping away, then the beautiful inside lining came free from my crotch as he now peeled the tangled swim suit down and off my still kicking legs. Finally, he got me naked , giving me such a sensation. He lowered my legs and naked body fully exposed for his inspection. We were both naked now as he and I continued more cuddling one another in bed. I felt much better and my shyness and being bashful being naked with him subsided. It was certainly a wonderful cuddling experience for both of us. Him taking off my tight Speedo swim briefs, despite all my playful resistance, trying to keep him from getting them off. His enjoyment was our nice cuddling and getting me out of my bashfulness, being naked with him and other guys. It took a while for him getting my tight swim suit off, as we kept cuddling one another. Cuddling is great!

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i feel the same way



Bonus points if they smell like heaven

Yes!! I always do lol

Me too

have you got a big teddy you can cuddle with.


what bout a pillow