I want to cuddle who wants to cuddle with me ?
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I do!!!!


Me me me! I do! I do! Haha

I've always heard big guys are great cuddle buddies.

Only if you have a warm blanket

want to cuddle you add me your beautiful

may I cuddle you
I love your eyes angela
add me

Would if I could. I could use a hug.

I'm up for cuddling :)

would be nice.! Watch a movie also?

I'd love to

Daddy's home! ;)

easy now barney

easy now barney

I will if you don't mind. I love to hold and be held

I don't mind at al

*takes you in my arms and holds you close and tight*

*rest my head on your shoulder* this is Nice thank you

your welcome. *kisses top of your dad*

Hahaha my dad ? Typo?

lol, head!

It is oké if you want to Kiss my dad😀

lol, that's OK. I will pass

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