I love cuddles but now I'm so scared of being hugged/held
Lostinabigscaryworld Lostinabigscaryworld
18-21, F
7 Responses May 24, 2015

What are you scared of?

That it wouldn't feel comforting, that I'd feel restrained


Aww me too I love hugs! Why???? Did someone hug you to much lol?


Why have you come to be scared of it?

Not sure

How long ago did you start to have these feelings?

I'm not sure its been maybe 2 years?

Wow that blows. Do you think you'll ever change your feelings?

Not sure

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What hapend. Want to talk?

Nothing happened as such

Aww. Well I'm sory to her it. I would offer a hug but. Well

Want a Cwtch then?

A what?

It's Welsh for a cuddle or hug. But it's better. Lol

Oh okay

Maybe you just need it from someone special and not just any random person.

I can't even let my family hug me