I always want to cuddle :( I've never had anyone to cuddle with. It makes me feel lonely sometimes
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Honestly though it's not that great. Her hair in his mouth, your arm falls asleep, shoulder in ribs. Then one of you has to pee and you both have to get up😂 and there's always that one are you don't know what to do with. When cuddling there's really only space for three arms lol

*strongly wraps arms around you* c:

I know how you feel!

let me sneak in :P

I will cuddle Want to be frends

better now?

After reading your post, I'm thinking of you, and I hope - very soon - you'll find someone who will provide the comfort and secure feeling of cuddling. And I hope you have that feeling often.

Never had!! Poor you!!

can i be your cuddle buddy i really like to cuddle

i want to be cuddle buddy in real life but i think you probably live on the other side of the world :p but cyber cuddle buddy is also good

in what country do you live??

i knew it!! the other side of the world!!! i'm from belgium :(

but i'm not socially i need a cuddle buddy!!!! i want to feel the beating of someones heart while i cuddle with them!!!

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