I love when it is super cold outside and the intimacy takes over as my wife and I come home. We both don't like clothes much, so pajamas are always optional once we make it back to the bedroom.

My wife usual starts with a seductive hug, sitting atop my lap. This is normally followed by my wrapping her up with my long strong arms, gently kissing her neck and sporadically rubbing her lower back and butt.

After some light making out, she typically rolls off me to last on my chest as I rub her head, shoulders and back. This usually last until bedtime or leads to a very passion driven night of unimaginable pleasures that heightens or infatuation with one other even further.

Cuddling is foreplay for the heart. I love every minute of it and am now counting down until I can hold my wife again.
KingCharming420 KingCharming420
31-35, M
1 Response Oct 4, 2015

Sounds like bliss! So happy for you!

Oh it is. Thank you!!! :D