I love hugs. Sometimes it depends on the person. A fat person can let you bury your face into their fat; it's like you're engulfed in love. Skinny people are delicate. It's like they're a wafer cookie about to break in half.
None of my friends like to hug, but that's the closest way I can not feel depressed. I'm in someone's arms because they love me. I can feel again.
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8 Responses Oct 23, 2015

You are a warm person. Hugs with your special someone are really awesome and heart warming

I love hugs from big, soft women. There is nothing better than cuddling up to a soft woman at night.

And people who are fit..?

I suppose each person exudes his own special warmth ;)

Hey cuddle friend, you okay?? <3

What do you mean?

Hey you can trust me!

Haha lemme give you million hugs!!!!!!!

Haha I tried to message you but you have some privacy on which is not sending my message through 😅😅

I m waiting :)

So true

A soft body is what I want right now. Fancy a good cuddle? I just waited to be held in the arms of a warm, soft and gentle woman

Just got back from Afghanistan

On the point! That's how I feel!! <3