Oh I love to cuddle be cuddled, truthfully I love to be touched need to be touched. My husband doesn't touch, cuddle, kiss or hug me. I have chosen not to live like that anymore. Everyone needs to be touched babies, seniors and everyone in between. I want to find someone who will not only choose me every day, but will hold me kiss my forehead, my shoulder, lots of hugs and cuddling and will want to be touched by me always. Cuddling and touching will no longer be an option it will be a must in my next relationship
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and its only cudling right?


message me

I think man isn't designed to be with one person alone poly relationships are ideal for heppy lives

Sadly I am in the same boat 😔

Sad for sure

Very much so

Can u share I need that also(~.¥


I'm right there with you. I'm in the process of extricating myself from a similar relationship. Were not for the fact that I have a planned promotion in about five months I would already have left my current relationship.

It's possible your husband was asexual did you ever ask? and no not everyone loves being touched or being physical.
But it's not like it's anyone's fault either you do what you do need what you need.

Hmmm, I do know what that is, we do have many other problems I've stayed way to long

Yes that makes sense but like i said people do what they need.


I couldn't agree more hon touch is vital. :)

So true that everyone needs a hug, a touch to know that they matter...

Believe me you would get enough touching if I was around


I'm right there with you,, cuddling is freaking awesome.. And I love when it leads to hotter cuddling, like cuddle sex;-)

I get my hugs at work, I work with a bunch of women, sometimes I feel I'm in heaven. I know it's it can be an HR problem, but no one seems to care. I can tell some of them are not getting that touch we all crave at home. When they see a man at work willing to reach out and give someone a hug when they look sad or depressed, I think it's makes them feel special, and I care. I get the same touchy feeling back to me. I consider them my work wives. I spend more quality time with them then my own wife. That's a big problem.

Wow lol,you think?

I know, she just told me that she doesn't have a sex drive anymore. I am emotionally deprived. I miss the her touch.


We have major issues. I just need to focus on myself, and make me happy again.

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Yes!!! I give great hugs. Even posted a brag.

I'm with ya there

I love to cuddle and touch and give that special person what they need in their life to feel happy

I love to cuddle as well. My wife sees it as a chore at best


It is up to her. I will never forget myself and try to force myself on her.

I like hugs and cuddles too