I am a Professional Connection Coach who includes cuddling as a therapeutic touch.
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7 Responses Nov 5, 2015

thats awesome........the human touch has the power to help heal emotional scars .....being a practioner of the tantric arts afords me the ability to see what the human touch can do first hand......kudos to anyone who uses this for the betterment of the human spirit.

your welcome......you sound like an interesting woman.....we should chat some time about some of our experiences.......enjoy your night

this is really interesting, what is a professional connection coach if you don't mind me asking?

would u cuddle online??:)

i would like to become a professional cuddler..how and where do i start?? any links or tips??

wowww.....nice to meet you here:))

What is the going rate for a cuddy session? I know I could always use an extra cuddle now and then.

I have 3 dogs that cuddle in their own way. My gf takes care of the rest when we can get together.

Sounds like an interesting occupation.