Did you know you can be a professional cuddler and get paid $80/hr? I'm in the wrong profession. I should start up my own practice. I can cuddle real well😉
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I'm giving away free sample ((((HUGS))))...but you must come to me!!

that's cool.

*On the phone* -Looks like I might have to call you back

I bet you do

For 80 an hour cuddling better include hiding the salami too

Yeah no it would take much more than that for me to allow some guy to play hide the salami with me. $80 isn't that much especially if you are lonely and need to have physical contact and not worry about being taken advantage of or just having a great conversation with a real honest to goodness person. And I would be ashamed of any woman or man for that matter to sell their bodies for $80 dollars or at all people need to know they are worth indescribably more than that!!


Sorry you were probably joking and I took it to seriously!!

I only joke on here

Oh ok cool

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Sounds very nice


How and where?????

Oh wow, my too, I love to cuddle. Lets start it together.

I like to get it for free. :)

"Test cuddle?"

I am in the wrong job clearly.