I could never be in a relationship with someone who was not physically affectionate! Of course I understand that not EVERYONE likes to cuddle, but I know that I depend on it to feel loved and junk. COME LOVE ME EVERYBODY
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Hello there I love to cuddle it makes you feel safe secure and lovedit makes you feel at peace

I'd love to

It's freakin awesome. Love to cuddle. One of the best feelings in the world

i was in a marraige like that. it was horrible. absolutly horrible

I feel that cuddling is very healthy connection between people
I have even cuddled with girlFRIENDS in the past just as friends and it was just great to be held

Absolutely! Cuddling to me isn't actually strictly a couples-only thing. I cuddle with friends, family members, and everyone else :)

you're an awesome woman then

You are as well! :D


I love to cuddle sooooo much! It makes me feel good when someone wraps their arms around my waste and just makes me feel good

I'm a snuggleer

id love to cuddle and hug you !