What Is Love?

The word “Love” is the most confusing word for me. Sometimes I believe it really exists but some other times I think it’s just a sophisticated fiction designed for selfish purposes. Sometimes I think it’s just special form of attraction between boyfriend-girlfriend or spouses but some other times I find it prevailed all over in all type of affectionate relations and even say “God Loves us” (even I am atheist). Sometimes I define it as a power to progress but other times I find it life destroying. Sometimes I find it the best thing I have but some other times as worst. Sometimes I find it everywhere but some other times nowhere. Sometimes I find it never-lasting but sometimes I find it limited. Sometimes I feel it’s inside me but some other times I feel like I am getting from others. Sometimes I feel like I want to get it but some other times I feel like I want to give it. Sometimes it appears instantly and sometimes it takes years. Sometimes I can’t express it while I want to but some other times I do not want to express but it reflects.
I think I can define most of things I feel, see or interact but failed in defining this “Love”. Please tell me if you know something about it. :)
LoveOcean12 LoveOcean12
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I seriously feel u shld be a writer n amazed to see how different people can have same feelings.

Love according to me is understanding and care people have for each other and how they express it.

Correctly said. Your view is very meaningful.

I know, feel the same way.