I'm curious I really want to go to a psychic and find what's going to happen in the future. I'm anxious to know
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You are wasting your time and money. Think about this.
If there was a person that could tell your future that would mean your life is preplanned. You would have no control over your own destiny.

Omg I wanna do that too just for kicks though because I'm not sure if I actually believe in that **** but you know. It'd be cool, yeah?

I predict the following:
1) Night...followed by Day, repeat;
2) Your boobs will get bigger...gravity will start winning;
3) Time will speed up as you age;
4) Nothing any "psychic" can tell you will ever be more accurate than 1-3 and I took NO money from your pocket! You're welcome.

Don't waste your time or money you control your future if you want to do it for fun then enjoy but don't live your life by what they say

Your future is what you make it just saying you can always make it as you wish

Remeber to ask for your past first. If he is able to tell you about it continue with your future ;)