I want to know if spells really work? Has anyone tried it ?
kstewartt kstewartt
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2014

we use magic every day, its just the acts have become so part of our daily life that they don't really stand out any more. Crossing fingers is a good example, it actually started out as a white magic symbol for good luck that caught on. black magic manipulates spirits to bring about events while white magic manipulates spirits into giving opportunities. Can you throw fireballs and stuff? that would be a no. that was just a bunch of alchemist labeling science as magic. well I guess science in and of itself can come off as magical.

some spells do work, well not like hypnotism or causing some body to be possessed etc etc ,but you get what you get your love in the end if you know what I mean..:)

Its 2014 baby,,,,spells are nothing just faith of some dumbmind peoples