I'd love to chat to submissive women! Seriously, I would be respectful at all times, I mean no disrespect - I am an amateur sexologist, I am curious...I want to understand a wide range of human behaviour and this is one area I want to understand better.. I want to understand motives and what kind of women do it.. I have talked to many sub men...happy to talk to sub men too but it's much harder to find and be able to talk to sub women..
If you are a master or a Dom please consider letting your slave/sub talk to me.. I promise and give my word I will be respectful.
I post this under, "I am curious" because I am :P
PS happy to talk to anyone about any different sexual choices and lifestyle choices
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In fact iam not a submissive man in my real life, but i have had very strong fantasies about that since my childhood, i mean I would like to try that someday when i get married(iam still virgin), and Iam ready to discuss my fantasies in terms of that with you, if you want

Sexologist....wow, never talked to one before, how interesting...

I'm Bi and my husband and I have an open marriage. Feel free to contact me about those or any other topic I've got listed...

I cross both sides of the divide and can get enjoyment from giving and receiving.

I can switch but sub is natural to me

Oh cool... so how sub? Do you mean play/bedroom sub or 24/7

So you are a switch? Yes I have some switch friends... some would say best of both worlds


Someone who studies, researches, interested in and ultimately gets to know a lot about sex.. It's a fascinating topic is it not? I love to understand people.. why they do things... what motivates them.. their background...

I'm a sub but not sure I can help as I have a sub personality so it's natural for me to give everything. Please pm me if you want to. I think my past maybe why, feel free to read my profile.

Thankyou.... I will take you up on your kind offer.

I've sent you a PM .. Interested you mention past because it seems a very common theme..

As someone who has some experience in the matter, now don't think that every sub will have a dom, and that the first have the upper hand on the last. It's an interesting subject matter for further study. Good luck!

Aww no I try not to make assumptions.. I am specifically interested in learning about those who do have Doms or Masters... and yes it's fascinating as are all permutations to do with sex