Never been with a man, never wanted to. Curious though, does a man know how to treat another man better (sexually) simply because that man knows what a man likes? Thoughts?
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I wondered the same about women.... Are women better at pleasuring a woman than men are??

Its the experience of the person and independent. I can't stand having rough hands or smelly I'm bi- I love sex any way I get it.

I have only touched a couple of other men. Just stroking one and blowing one. I felt very clumsy and inept. But the encounters were not the best either. I have stuck to women since but do still indulge in the occasional male on male fantasy.

I know where you are coming from
There is no way i would hurt the woman i love but that imagination is still there

Tell me

at 55 years and father to 3 beautiful kids i have lately longed to caress an other mans penis " just to feel "
am i curious or what

seriously? it weird to you? Your thoughts?

no, its not.

Cool. Looks like you're pretty opened minded. Ever been with the same sex?

was curious and tried but didnt work.
i still like guys lol

May I ask how "far" you went?

sooo far lol

almost have sex with her but i felt weird to kiss a girl then i stopped.

You're as straight as they come! ;)

yeah :)

I like're a cool chick. :)

thanks :) you're cool guy as well

Where abouts are you? I'm in SoCali.

somewhere over the rainbow :)

Best mid-direct comment ever!

Mis-direct* darn auto correct

no but maybe it might be fun

lol :p

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