I am so curious on how genius or intellectual students know so much or how come they know everything! It just makes me curious to know...

How do they do that? Do they have a study schedule on regular basis? I just want because I want to become smart myself! Lol
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Also, much has been learned about how to learn. Systems have been developed to aid the student in maximizing acquistion, understanding, sorting, storing, and retention. If you find a learning system that works well for a large number of others it may work well for you. So, yes, most successful scholars organize and scedule learning and all the other aspects of their lives as well. Discipline, self discipline which is a thing a body can learn and develop is what is called for. Discipline can exceed raw intelligence often.

If u have no time for reading books or u get bored ,,, just download wikipedia in ur phone,,, it will help u,,, but u should read wikipedia not just download ,,,it helped me for my all university tests

Ya gotta read. Like, all the time. And not just text messages. Books, big, dense, science, history, language, art books. Have fun. Better to bloom late than not at all.

They read.