Do you believe in a "God" or "Gods"? Why or why not?
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This universe cant be without creator and this creator must be very merciful, if we don't believe God it mean our shoes are better then us because it has company name and we are accident?

I believe in God because He saved my life through a miracle. I was stuck underwater under a huge boulder and He stopped the river long enough for me to get out. I am eternally grateful!

I believe there's a greater god, creator of everything, and some gods working for him/she (not sure if assexual or not)

Kinda like McDonalds??

Like the egypt or greek gods, for example, taking care of certain aspects of life or areas

Is that how you were raised or did you adopt those beliefs at some point?

I believe in that by myself

We're as different as night and day, you and I. What you're saying goes against all my instincts. But at the same time there is a beauty to it, a beauty that I and others have abandoned for reason. And there is a beauty and humanity to you that I fear I have lost with time. I hope your faith brings you comfort and happiness.

It sure does, thanks. Hope yours do the same to you, blessed be :)

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watch "God's Not Dead" such a good movie.

This was a question I struggled with for quite awhile. I grew up in a Christian family my parents were strong believers, I would to church with them every week and at the age of eight I accepted Jesus into my life. But as I got older and got into high school I started to drift away from him. I started hanging out with kids in the wrong crowd and corrupted my mind and my habits. Things got worse as i went through high school and by the time i got to college and my parents wrent around any more i started to stop going to church. But a mission trip presented itself to go to another country, so I decided to go on it. Mostly because I wanted to go to this country. But when i was there God put people in my life who made me realize the sin that i was living in, and showed me that the only way to rid myself of the sin that i was in was to believe in the sacrifice that Christ had made for me and follow him. This showed me that I had the answer the whole time right in front of me but the problem wasn't Christ it was my lack of faith and commitment. I am now a much stronger follower of Christ and still sometimes feel those old "sinful" urges coming back, but I know that when i abide in Christ and follow the life he has for me I am able to experience the true freedom and joy that he promises.

I have a hard time understanding why people say that the choices they make were because of a lack of faith? (Not trying to be rude I just am genuinely curious) I feel I lead a good life even without "God as my savior". I was never involved with a "bad crowd" meaning I've never smoked or drank anything (despite being 17 and attending a public highschool), I'm kind to others, I'm involved with the community, I try to always be there for people and as non-judge metal as I can. I have a wide variety of hobbies between sports and writing and just hanging out with people, I'm a motivated straight A student so I don't understand why people think that not believing means you have veered on this terrible path? Or that I'm automatically living in sin? Just seems unfair that I should be sent to burn forever not because I was a bad person with bad morals, but because I didn't have this 100% undying faith. Just my opinion though

I do understand were you are coming from. But I never said the choices I made were from a lack of faith, but that my faith made me realizes the sin that was present in my life. I also had a really good life and the sinful things I did was mostly done by myself in secret. And I'm not saying that unbelief leads you astray but we have an inborn nature to sin and that Christ gives us the knowledge and forgiveness for those sins. Giving yourself 100% isn't something that is easily accomplished that's just how we live our life to the fullest he's just asking that we believe in Christ and the gift that he has have given to us.

I belive in all of the Gods but
I am not a religous person.

These things served a purpose when there was a lack of information. The human mind is built to seek answers, to solve problems. It does so by looking for patterns and finding links between pieces of information. But it does something else that's very interesting. When there is an absence of information, the mind creates information. For example when lightning bolt shoots from the sky, to our ancestor witnessing this it looks like it was thrown because that's the only way they knew something can move like that. They make a connection between a man throwing something and the way the lightning moved, therefore a man must have thrown it or a being like a man but greater and the pattern builds from there and before you know it we've got zeus and a host of gods and a complete mythology that connects all we see in nature into a pattern. And we can also share information and build on the patterns we inherit from other people adding to it's complexity. This tendency to find patterns is also the basis of superstition where we link things that are completely unrelated such as a seeing a black cat and experiencing a bad event which we end up linking together in our brain and calling bad luck. Once a pattern is established the brain will use it for future reference in an attempt to predict events. this feature allowed our ancestors to predict whether a particular event will repeat itself, especially if it related to danger or finding food. These are features of the brain, it's how we create, learn and store memories. The only difference between modern scientific thinking and this ancient way in which our brain works is that we utilize our higher brain functions to actually postpone judgement and acceptance of these patterns when they occur in our brain from everyday observation. When this now happens, we no longer simply accept it as fact, instead we call it a hypothesis, observed events may be linked in a possible pattern but instead we use very high level brain function to test those patterns for validity before accepting them ba<x>sed on a body of protocols (and a process of collaboration) that we're constantly refining. It's something that appears to exceed the limits of what our ancestral brain was capable of. Our mind seems to be able to spot the flaws in it's own processes and adjust to compensate in an attempt to get more accurate information. That's pretty amazing stuff!With these kind of advancements in the study of our own evolution and the strides being made fields like neuroscience there will soon be no need to continue to cling to those old patterns we established in the infancy of our species. There will no longer be a need for those old hypotheses, because we would have tested and accepted more valid, viable and beneficial ones.

I do. I have a keen understanding of physical science and a clear understanding of physics. Possessing this knowledge does not present any conflict with my religious faith and beliefs. Quite the contrary; I see the two as being hand in hand, each complimenting the other.

Used to, just feels like I'm growing up and it's like "Santa isn't real" sort of thing.
Then again sometimes I think I do tbh

This is exactly what I was trying to get across, and same here. But at this point in my life I say I don't believe but these last few years I've definitely wavered back and forth.

Ya, and when things don't go right you just think returning to god might help, but at the same time you just think "why would god care" because you've had your back turned on him for so long and he simply won't do anything for you.

So you just don't bother

Couldn't have said it any better myself. All too familiar with that position

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Not sure, I'm still on the fence.

That must be uncomfortable...sitting on a fence...imagine.

No, there is no reason to. Religion exists to separate, control, and collect money from humans. The amount of time humans have learned through science represents only a tiny fraction of the earth's history, and we have learned so much about this planet in that time. The earth has been here billions of years before any animal even existed.

I don't necessarily believe in the existence of a god or gods. I do however thoroughly appreciate the purpose religion provides for the people who choose to participate in it. I was raised Christian and I can't honestly say that I don't occasionally look "outside myself" for a little bit of introspection.

that's what I think too. But I think we could have something better. Like community centers purely devoted to helping people with there problems or talking about morals and virtue.

The churches that I've been to have pretty much done that. I agree completely though, I live in a small town and I know all too well that there isn't enough attention paid to individual community members.

I do believe in a god, and only 1 for there is no way grass gives out oxygen for us to breathe, that is just one example, do you not think that there was someone who set all of this up for us?

I respect your religion and all that, and no offense, really, but there's scientific proof that grass and other plants give off oxygen...

Okay I agree with you, but where did these plants come from? Where did this water come from how are all these animals alive? To continue the cycle of life?

The idea seems nice, but my question to you is, if god created earth, who created god himself? As well as our universe which we suspend in amongst BILLIONS of other galaxies and planets in a vast and infinite space..

There is a god no one creation but him

I have read all the bibles of all religions

What do you mean all the bibles of all religions? Not every religion has a bible...

They are all written, a day in the life of a ......

No, Buddhism isn't written down. It is passed down by word of mouth mostly. You can't look at one source and determine a whole religion. Also, your opinion may be that some religions are horrific and hilarious, but those could be the same opinions people have about your religion. Every one has an upside and a downside.

And even looked into Scientology

After all the horrific and hilarious things I have read, there is one religion I picked for it is the same one every human on this planet is against,



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I dont believe in God, and I'll tell you why. If there was a god why would he let such horrible, horrible things happen? why would he allow such great men and women to suffer if he had the power to stop it? why would there be war? why would he allow cancer to eat up peoples body's and minds. no. If there is a god he is a sick SOB who I would never worship. I believe religion was invented to help be understand what is going on. I know that it has really helped some people but there are better ways. Why cant people be good without having to be threatened about going to hell? why would my close friends who are gay deserve to be tormented for eternity for something they cant help. Besides putting your faith completely into a book that no one can be positive where it came from is just plain silly. so many innocent people have been killed for the sake of religion. Missionaries go to foreign countries not to completely help them, but to tell them what to believe in. Its sick. Religion is sick. Now I am not telling anyone what to believe in but that's my opinion.

Please, don't say this about someone's religion. Although these are your opinions and I am an Atheist as well, it is not right to blatantly insult someone's beliefs. Sure, there are some unexplainable things in Christianity, but you can't generalize all Christians like this. Remember that fight I'm in with that girl? I got mad at her because she was bad-mouthing all Atheist people. It does not help to bad-mouth Christians in return. There are some great Christian people...a lot actually, then there are some bad ones...but there are some great Atheist people and some bad Atheist people as well. There are faults in the Christianity, but there are some crazy stuff associated with Atheism too.

She just asked me what I thought. and I am truly passionate about this, I think the world would be a much greater place without it. But trust me. I don't purposely go out of my why to tell people my opinion, or tell Christians there wrong. I just saw the opportunity to express my feelings and took it. I mean that's what this site is for, right?

That is very true, and I respect that. Sorry. I was just a little bit fired up after battling this bad example of a Christian for so long. I thought lying was a sin, seems she's doing a hella amount of that.

Its okay, I got a little carried away. Do you want me to go on her posts about you and say shes full of it and send a link to this thread? because shes asking people to report you.

Oh I know, can you link me to it...I want to read this...might be amusing. Who knows?

can you not see it? is it blocked?

I think religion provides a sense of comfort for a lot of people and a way to essentially provide incentive for people to be morally good. Meaning people have a reason to do/be good for a reward in the end, had NO religion whatsoever existed, people would be more angry I think. So I think it is good that we have it, it just doesn't make sense to me. I think is just a story, created for te good of people, but with no real basis in fact. Therefore I don't think you can blame or rely on a ethereal figure in the sky for all the bad in the world, you know? I used to be really angry about thins that I dealt with that I felt no one else my age had to and I developed a resentment towards god, which partly led to my complete loss in faith but now instead of anger I harbor an understanding of religions purpose. I just don't believe that the story itself is true. So I don't feel the world is better w/I religion, just without people that manipulate and use it to benefit them in unfair ways.

I just don't see why people NEED religion to be good.

Hey can you message this bible verse to the God girl:

Psalm 101:7
No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.

I thought she could drink her own poison.

**the poison part isn't part of the verse xC

Do i post it on her board or on the thread where everyone else can see it?

She said she called the cops...I don't know what to do...

HAHAHA she cant call the cops, unless you threatened her. PM me this thread is getting confusing.

I'm so scared right now...I didn't threaten her...I never did. I was just defending my religious beliefs...I don't know what to do...I am so scared. I am only 14 I can't get in trouble...

Dont worry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you did. Dont you dare cower to the likes of of her, with with such the simple and petty threat.

Look into my virtual eyes when I tell you will be fine. This is America! (at least where I stand)

She said that since I don't believe in the bible that I am attacking her. I can't be a Buddhist apparently...being a Buddhist automatically means that I am attacking her because I don't share her beliefs...

after I posted what you told me to she hearted the comment then tried to add me to her circle. So i took things into my own hands.

I called her names while defending myself...she never called me anything back, but she kept replying to me...I feel like they might accept that as cyber bullying...

nope. If it was everyone else on the internet would be arrested. Think about it. She is a grown adult. she should not be instigating you like that. You are 14 little missy, what are they gonna do? throw you into federal prison? lol

Far out lol.

I told her of on her wall. she has not responded so I think she feels bad now.

sounds like an eminem rap to behonest

They don't need to praise a certain figure or devote their whole life to "serving him" I just think it provides a good source to introduce humanity to morals and virtue because had the world been initially created and nobody had a sense of incentive or something to serve as a guide idk that we'd be where we are. But I guess that ties in to the aspect of whether you feel people are innately good, or innately bad. Basically I feel when you ***** away all the mumbo jumbo and hypocrisy, the very little you're left with actually serves a good purpose, if that makes sense.

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I believe in world simulation


No, because I was raised as a Buddhist (an overall Atheistic religion). I do totally respect people who believe in God(s) as long as they don't persecute others.

Interesting! My parents introduced me to the thoughts/ideologies of Christianity but never enforced them or insisted I must believe them. Growing up I never went to Church but I've been to a couple camps by choice. As I've gotton older I just feel like the logical/practical/curious side of me (in relation to the vastness of our universe and many other unexplained questions) makes it hard for me to believe in something like that. Also I cannot stand the hypocrisy of religion, but I still do my best to respect others beliefs as well!