I don't mean to stare , sometimes I just see a persons face and can't help but wonder what that persons story is you know what I mean?
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I wonder that a lot. Usually when I'm in the car going somewhere. I like to wonder where they are going and coming from, what their life is like...it's kind of a beautiful thing sometimes, to not know

Too much curiosity can kill that cat 3:)

That's okay, it's got 8 lives left ;)

Hehe you're so silly

In my youth. Girls used to think I used looking at them as a chat up line.Although not intentional when they saw me ,getting close to, staring at them they would ask, and not always in a polite manner, "what was I staring at"? I just said I was trying to see who was underneath the layers of make-up. Not as a chat up but in a suprising amount of cases it ended up being accepted as one and an enjoyable evening followed.

Oh, yeah. I can see what you mean.
Asking just bluntly is a bit uncomfortable for some people, huh? Haha.

Know exactly what you mean :)