If you were being attacked by a Zombie right now, look to your left. What would be the first thing you would grab to defend yourself quickly?
Dizzy0324 Dizzy0324
36-40, M
11 Responses Aug 17, 2014

An electric guitar

ok wait...so madgab has a bomb sitting directly to the left of her.....o.o

A couch cushion.
Im dead.

My machete you never know when a flesh eater might run through your door lol I'm ready let em come :-)

A bomb

A remote control. We can say I'm pretty much dead.

A mattress...

I'll punch that zombie to death. I have strong punches.

(insert flying bird sound here)

Laboratory power supply and disinfectant... Hm, flaming zombies anyone?

In a movie, it would turn out the zombies react explosively to high current. Failing that, there's a black fedora and an Angry Bird, so I could put on the hat, leand back and throw the angry bird at it, hoping it'll die of laughter.

Mine is a vacuum cleaner... A wide path fold away wind tunnel. that'll be one clean azz zombie :)