does anybody know about out of body experiences ? I have them all the time and would like to talk to someone who understands me about it
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you have a wonderful gift. i do this often

Each person's experiences are their own and not necessarily something another can or will experience. An out-of-body experience, when real, is merely you the spirit perceiving from outside the body. It is as simple as that. The person may or may not have separated from the body. So many now believe the spirit does not exist and for those that do believe, most of those people don't believe that they ARE the spirit operating a body.

Sometimes I see myself like I was flying or behind, then I snap back, it's kinda funny

Woah cool, I'm actually really into all that stuff two, I actually know allot of stuff and practice allot of stuff(btw it's referred to really as astral projection ,i know an easy technique if you want to control it and do it anytime you want),telepathy,precognition,energy control,msg me if your interested in knowing more.

I think I also have this

Wow I have always been interested in them, but never have had one..:-)

i have had some, mostly when i'm very tired or wake up in the middle of the night, it feel like i'm watching from behind me like in a computer game, like a third person view it's sort of strange

My mother had an out of the body "ephinany" the night before she died. I believe - since we only use a small portion of our brain only, that an out of the body experience is some chemical or hormonal surge or "awakening" of our subconscious.

I have a lot of experience with this, message if you want.

Hey if you want you can message me

Yeah.... Try DMT

lol the drug?

I've heard that's the ultimate out of body experience

ya it's like shrooms but imagine if u couldn't help it, like at least when ur trippin on drugs you know you took a drug and it's just a trip, out of body experience is so terrifying cause there's too much reality in it