I think I must be stuck mentally at age 3, cuz I'm always asking, Why?
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Then I fall back on my everything answer: Chickenbuts.

Lol ...I wonder y

Omg me too. I hate all the whys of life. I usually go with a y not

Think about how boring life would be if you knew all the answers.

This is true, but sometimes I ask why, not because I need the correct answer, but because I'm curious to know the one that your going to give me, because some statements or facts change therefore so will the answers. Plus, when you ask why from more than 1 person chances are your going to get a variety of answers. I don't really think its possible to ever know, everything simply because there's too much changes going on........

How curious are you?

Curious enough to always have a question on my mind.....

What question is on your mind now?

What am I going to wear today??? Since it's still pretty early yet!

And what are you going to wear today?

I have no freaking idea..... And why might this be so hard, your wondering? Well because I have 3 dressers full of close a closet full from top to bottom with a bar for hanging in the middle as well as a stack in between to dressers in the corner of my room thats 4' high..... Guess you could say i like to collect close, maybe more like a hoarder, which ever I have a lot. Why? Because I hate not having anything to wear, problem is now i cant decide what to wear!!!! lol

Have you ever closed your eyes and just picked something and wore that?

Only once, because everyone got tired of waiting! Thank god it was a dress......

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Sorry coukdnt resist :))

yeah I know..... lol

giggling... cool... me too!

You know what so am I, I drive people crazy

Yeah, I can have that same affect on people, and it's I who is usually the crazy one, or too nosy, and sometimes it ends with, "it's none of your business!"

Tis far better than always telling, Why!!

I think that is why I ask why more now, because I've done way too much "telling, why" up to this point......