I'm a boy who likes to wear girl clothes but scared to tell anyone I'm not gay but I just like to wear girl clothes
prettyprincess0847 prettyprincess0847
18-21, M
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I am 42 and when I was your age you experiment. Nothing to be ashamed about or to beat yourself up about it.

Don't be afraid to be you!! People will accept you for you if they love you(I would).

i know how it is to be scared to say anything, but I think in the overall, you may find more people that will accept you and love you for it, hopefully enough to make up for any haters you encounter

I just remember that I used to wear my mom's heels while dancing. and yeah, I never doubted my gender preference after that, not a single moment. I loved girls and I always will.

Whats wrong with that? You just like acting / cross dressing nothing to be embarrassed of ;)