sometimes i wonder why i am attracted to older men i dont know if it because boys my age are just stupid and i am just to mature or if it is just because of sexuall attraction.
what do you guys think??
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I think you should add me and we should talk...

I have no interest in guys my age- they bore me so my husband looks 45- he's actually 57, I will be 40 next week. No one sees this as anything other than a number and he's the best friend, love of my life, most sincere and compassionate man I have known. Plus the intimacy is mind blowing!

I think its because you want me

I think it's because you know a kind and wise older man in your life

Probably sexual attraction and that you believe all older men aren't stupid like boys of your age are.

Believe me though, I've seen plenty of men in their forties-fifties who are stupid as a brick.

Haha thanks shellsea. :P

you got alot of responses to that. lol but are you attracted to different races?

older men often know more about how to treat women more sensitively
I am 20 years older than my partner and she seems happy. we are together 15 years and have 3 children together. The sex may have to be gentler but there are other ways to satisfy her and learning this
can be a great pleasure

Boys your age are stupid


Most younger guys have no self control yet. Not just sexually but emotionally. Too many hormones and unfamiliar feelings going around.

Perfectly normal - just go explore, you dirty wench! Surveys show that women's "ideal male mate age" is a few years older, matching well the men's ideal of a woman a few years younger. The explanation is likely rooted in genetic&social evolution and the roles taken by the genders in prehistorical society. It is generally considered that women "mature earlier" sex- and relationship-wise (but I wouldnt go as far as to define maturity purely under this umbrella).

sorry for stating the obvious, then and now - all your options in life carry risks; stay informed and believe in your choices. what consequences do you think about in particular?

Probably a bigger risk with younger men than older, as long as you insist on protection. Not sure what I can tell you about that besides statistics, sorry :/. You can read up on the risks and make up your mind. Pregnancy and non-minor STDs are not a significant risk in many European countries, e.g. germany, nordics, france. Those countries where the risks are greater, including america, is on account of religious advocates. Curiously, the pope, the Catholic voice of god, does support both contraception and abortion.

indeed, when human don't believe Love, Respect, modesty,dignity, etc they only can see physical entities they can't see other parts of our body, if you face with such a people don't believe them and be away of them and don't care.

They make you feel you are in a more controlled situation, young boys can be very unpredictable and sort of stupid due to their lack of experience and being just flooded with testosterone.

most girls do the same thing and think its right

girls mature much faster, especially if raised around a lot of adults, so the only guys that can really make any sense to you when they talk are older guys

most of the time, older guys are done with the mind games and tell the truth, and tell you what they want and are thinking

true. that can have it's place also. depends on what you want

also, experience makes a big difference if you are just wanting sex from a man

Personally I think it's because most guys (in general) tend to be idiots.