i am a person that always has everything under control but when it comes to my hormones i have none when i think i have mastered the art of controlling it i fail i am not saying that i have sex because i have not ever done that but sometimes i feel as if i dont do it i will blow into a million pieces.
what should i do???
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hormones are a very strong fact in all of our lives, most of the time it is the curiosity that seems to fuel the thoughts and desires that quickly ignite our hormones, it is completely natural. the curiosity of someone older is because they possess the experience and most always uninhibited and are more willing to please and to share what they know to make your experience more exciting when the time comes, your question already shows you know exactly what you want and when the time comes you will enjoy it more than anyone could ever imagine..............

I am glad, not too long ago a friend of mine who had just turned 18 came to see me, I had always been friends with hriends her family, never had thoughts of any thing ever happening, it wasn't an ego trip for me or anything that started out sexually, but one day she made the first move and kissed me, I never seen a young woman, but a beautiful woman who knew what she wanted. her biggest thrill was me holding her had in public and showing her that when she was with me that she was and still at anytime be No. one when we are together, we did have sex later on down the rd. when we did see each other for awhile she called me to come and get her from a from a friends house, she looked me in the eyes, her eyes filled with the greatest compassion and desire I had ever witnessed. she grabbed me pulled me close to her, gave me the most passionate kiss and told me " I don't want to be around anyone else. she knew then what it was like to be uninhibited, and made sure I knew she never wanted to be far from me at any cost... I will be always greatful to her and know she is there for me also. I love the silent commitment to her, I put no restrictions on her and never put none on me, you are on your way to having the most exciting life ever

I want to have that kind of experience to the one that i well love and respect one i well made my best to show how i like it and how i love him❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

honestly, an older guy will be able to enjoy the times that you are firmly in control of yourself and have a good time with you, but also be able to handle and channel your sexual energy into pleasure when you are feeling out of control

you may have to find the right guy to help you, or invest in sex toys

you need a man you can trust to be with then

the right guy can help with that

Go for a run, hit the gym, do some yoga, if all else fails **********.

You are at an age when you are plagued by your hormones. Exercise, huge amounts sort of helps but...

Then really, ************. Nothing wrong with it. It is healthy. It is fun. Just lock the door.