everones commenting on my 2 stories this is how i fel i am not asking anyne to judge me thats why i came to this site to ask for advice for me not to do the wrong thing because there are alot og girls out there who are my age and have lost there virginity i still have my mine... i just want gud advice that will keep me from doing the wrong thing
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

You are a very thoughtful and wise young woman. I think you will find and utilize the elements of advisory efforts sent you and make good decisions. If people are being judgemental, simply ignore them.

If I may, I suggest that you continue to remain abstinent. I was a virgin until nearly 20 years old. A "friend" told me if I didn't lose my virginity it will hurt immensely later. I wanted to be friends. What a dumb reason! So took the advice. AFterwords, this same person tells me she's given me that bad advice because she was JEALOUS that I was a virgin and she was not. HA!
I believe remaining pure for that special person whom you will meet is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give especially if s/he proves worthy, mature loving, caring and sensitive to your needs.