What would you do if this girl asks you for sex?
link below..
Youdontknowmyabc Youdontknowmyabc
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I wouldn't believe her for a second and would tell her I didn't believe her. Either a grad student doing her PhD thesis or a frat girl taking hidden video for her Twitter expose on sleezebags.... :)

Plus, if she is asking me that casually, she is asking a dozen other guys too. There isn't going to be any special connection there.

Say Yes :-)

I'd start with dinner

I think I would lack trust.

I don't see the link?

find it on comments below

I would be shocked at first,but go for it!i think it's so sexy when a woman ask the man for sex

I would say only if you do my wife as well.

Tell her to buy me a drink.


What a great girl!
I know where she was... I am on my way to find her!...lol


Ide say YES !!

I'd be asking alooooot of questions. How old are you, is this a gag, i'd just be shocked at the question lol.


Yup. I'm kinda awkward when it comes to that subject verbally and would probly stammer lol


being unattached, I would say hell yes.

I would politely decline, and think "damn, if only she was bigger" ;)

lol seriously? but shes very attractive chick!

As long as she is disease free and you find her attractive, I would make sure you set aside an agreed set of time, agree on your boundaries, then I would wear that chick out. Hypothetically of course :-D

she's very pretty!

I'd go with it. :-)

Depending on how she asked, I would say OK

She said excuse me, its kind of random but would you like to have sex with me? lol

I would oblidge

run the other way

lol :)