I tried to buy a spot cream online, used it on my face and it burnt me. My worst burn is on my nose :(. My face is darker and more sensitive to the sun... And to make matters worse, the spots are even worse now. Gosh. That white stuff is sudocrem
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My little brother is black and has a severe issue with the sun. Because his father got UV treatments when he was young Little bros skin burns like dry wheat in the sun. I left for the weekend and came back to that, looked like freddy kruegrer 0_0

Oh yeah by the way, you should probably get that checked by a doc, and get a reference on what cream to buy.

I'm not sure what to suggest for the burns but I recommend liz earl face washes and moisturisers for any spots :)

I would probably see a doctor, it's probably a chemical burn. Most spot creams either have a high concentration of vitamin C(ascorbic acid) or some bleaching agent. Some people have sensitive skin and what is good for one person might be too strong for another.