A friend of mine and i started to get closer a few months back. I am bi and would like to have a 3some he would too. We found another girl and it was all good we both look forward to trying it just once. But i kinda like him and he is worried that i would be jealous. I want to and i know it would be fun but i dont want to make anything feel weird what should i do?
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I know your bi and want to include him but 3somes can kill a good relationship fast. Build trust with each other first.

We are not together just friends that have sex.

Communicate a lot beforehand, come up with scenarios and how each one will be handled. Establish some boundaries and make sure everyone is on the same page. Communication is lubrication!

Like what kind ofscenarios r

Like if X happens, how will you both handle it? Things like if someone tries to kiss, is that okay. What about ******, some people only want to ****** with their significant other, just basically think through all the things that could happen and whats okay, whats not. Make sure you all know the ground rules.

fun is fun, but if you're thinking long term with this guy then I'd recommend sticking with him only.
....and I'm a guy, so you know I'm not going to reject the idea of MFF without really meaning it.

I dint know if it would go long term, i dont know how he feels so i guess i just have to talk to him

Couple here, wife is bi. We love to play and share with others. Let us know if you want to chat. We have vids and pics also if you are interested.

I dont share pics or videos. And my friend and i only share with one another this would be the only time we did anything with someone else

Relax and have fun. Do these things when the opportunity presents itself. It doesn't always come back around. Most people regret the things they didn't do, not the things they did. Best of luck to you and your pals!

Thank you

Just keep communicating with him, if he or you get jealous, talk about it, fix it, and move on.

Ok thank you

I've been in a similar situation and nothing came of it. It was strictly casual and it had no real effect on our "relationship." That being said we're not all the same and you or him may get jealous. I'd say take the gamble.

It's jus an all around better time.

I told him i want to talk about it a little more with him. He went from wanting full on sex with both me and the other girl to just playing with her boobs a little. So i want to be sure he really wants it. I dont want to make him feel like he has to.

Just ask him if really wants to. Try to talk him into it. Idk if you've had a ********* but in my experience its a fun story and you get some good laughs out if it.

It would be all of ours first one.

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Be careful, have fun!

I love 3 sums , do them when ever I can with my gf
. I share her and even let her go away two days w another guy who wouldn't share..just be safe and enjoys your limits

Sex with a friend can kill the friendship keep that in mind

We have already been having sex.

Wish I would have done that with my friend at least once but we didn't and I moved god I miss her you make me happy and envious

Im sorry you can visit her

983 miles away

Im sorry to hear that

It happens I hope all goes spectacular for you

Thank you

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Have a 2some instead.
if he's concerned about you being jealous it means he likes you and we already know you "kinda" like him. So why not just be with him instead.

We have been having sex for a few months now. It was just something we both really wanted to try once in our lives.

Then in that sense i say go for it. You want it, he wants it. If you happen to feel jealous afterwards just don't do it again.

Ok thanks

I agree.... If you both have feelings for each other just be adventurous together in other ways

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