I am always curious if strangers would want to have sex with me the first sight they see me.

Or I'd say, am I got enough :)
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Most men at the very least wonder what you like sexually, what you look like naked, and would love to move it to reality.

75% of men would 99% of the time. I do 100% of the time to women...;-)

I think a woman could go up to ten different men at a bar, ask if they wanted sex... And 10 would probably say yes... Men may get slapped

Yes! That is very true!

99% of the time yes

Unless you're hideous, it's highly likely. If you wanna share a pic I'll give you my actual answer ;-)

Let us see you and we'll tell you.

If you look good and were nice I would, but hard without seeing / meeting you. Lol

if the chemistry was right who wouldn't

Likely yes but you could always ask them to be sure.

It's always fun when you get THAT look -- the one that makes you feel like "I believe if I just walked up to this girl and said, 'Get your things, I'm taking you home right now' she would say 'Yeah! Let's GO!'"

Thanks for the heart, Ruby. Please consider adding me.

...dont know what to say to this...post pics and let everyone give their thoughts if your that curious...

You're a female in her late teens... If you can't find somebody to say yes then you aren't trying hard enough lol