I was wondering if anyone has ever Ben caught masterbateing in public ,like a park or parking lot and if you have what happen when you were noticed?
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i have had many wanks at work but once was watched by someone in toilet next to me,let them see it spit on the floor :-)

what a stupid question ,even if someone got caught they would not admit it here.

I sometimes jerk off in a park known for hookups... once in a while a woman will stop and watch and once I got a "helping hand".

No, I have more self-control than that.

Why would u beat off in public in the first place? I'm one of the horniest guys ever but I'd rather get my nut from a girl than do it myself...just stay at home and do that.

Different people are aroused by different things :P

That's true, but I don't want to see people jacking off in public. I would never put what turns me on above what people don't want to see.

Wow. Risky. And gutsy.
Never tried that but I don't think you have anything to be ashamed about 👍

Yea it is so exciting and fun too