What super power would you want? What would be the first thing you would do with it? Me= shapshifting and scaring the jesus out of people by turning into objects and bouncing around a room. After that would probably be things I could be arrested for :D you know if they could arrest me.
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Being able to HEAL any illness with just a touch. I would walk among the people and as I saw someone who was ill or crippled, I would simply touch them and the next day, they would be healed. I would never advertise my power, and would only use it when I felt compelled to do so based on the persons circumstances.

i would want to be able to be invisible but shapeshifting is pretty cool too.

The ability to reshape matter into anything I can think of.

Manipulation of an objects mass. It would change its gravitational pull and increase its density at the same time. So I could turn myself into a literal man of steel, or throw objects out of orbit.

Turn thought into reality. By extension, can do almost anything.

Like on scribblenauts xD :)

Also shapeshifting :D we can do whatever we want when we can be whatever we want :)

Or just able to control people minds :0

Prolly have to be invincible because then if bet people im that i could shoot myself and not die lol the just go around and get into fights maybe jump in front of a train or something ya know do incredibly stupid stuff for fun lol

Invisibility or being able to fly! I would 1.Creep up on people and 2. just fly around, jump of the highest buildings, I'd be my own plane.

This kinda made me think....IF I was a shapshifter.....what would happen if I turn into air and get blown away 0_o