Curiosity is my fatal flaw.
What would you say is your fatal flaw?
TheDemonFox TheDemonFox
22-25, M
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Being ridiculously over critical of myself. 😟

Trying to correct stupidity

Would have to be a dodgy pacemaker

Dependance on someone to provide for me.


for me also curiosity :D

add me

Perfectionism...for me🌟

Being a little beotch. You know, lack of confidence and whatnot.

My fear of rejection and overthinking of stuff

If people reject you, you should just think screw you I'm awesome. That's what I do.

Well, I guess, I should borrow some of that awesome from u :) !

I got plenty to share hahaha

Oh well, good for me, send me some by mail, would u?
And another thing, do u really have 9 tails?

Only when angry.

Meh, but still look like a furball at least in ur dp!

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My mortality. xD

Curiosity is gonna end mine faster. XD

Why? :P

Curiosity kills the cat or in this case fox :). Sorry as I look over this pun I see that it sucked...

Yeah, that's just a saying. I'm curious as crazy, but I'm still alive. :P

I think we have both learned today I suck at puns.

Yes, but that isn't the point. :P

I think the point flew over my head... I get it now.

Good. :P

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Curiosity killed the cat.

One day... But not anytime soon :)


What do you mean by that?

I am insecure about myself

I'm sure your a totally awesome person. :)

Oh I know I am πŸ˜‚ I mean by the way I look. But thanks

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