Im a straight girl but i have always wanyed to have a sexual experience with another girl. I am so curious
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Go for it

Curiosity is not the yearning of experience.

If you are interested in sexual experiences with girls maybe you aren't all that straight. Sexuality is a continuum.

nothing wrong with being bi curious

Whats the harm in trying it? Occasionally doing things with a same sex partner doesn't mean anything about you, other than you are confident in what you want and not willing to let social norms and labels stop you.

Hi:) I'm happily married to a bi Wife. It's part of her & it's ok to want to explore.

It is unique. I am bisexual. Take your time.

im bi guy i want same

I always thought of myself as straight but had my first experience in April this year, then saw her a few more times. I t really was amazing and so much more rewarding than the experiences I've had with guys.

Yea baby!!

If you get to have that experience, you should share a story about it.